Thursday, September 15, 2011

SOLD-Pair of Working LGD's

 POOJA & CAPONE (called Bannon at our farm)

SOLD: a working pair of Livestock Guardian Dogs.
A brother-sister pair. Very bonded to each other.  4.5 years old. Great Pyrenees.
Male is neutered. Female is not spayed.

These two dogs are friendly with their humans but will bark at strangers. They were raised guarding alpacas and they have been fine around my sheep. They have shown zero aggression towards our 2 house dogs (indoor/outdoor border collie and chow/boxer mix) or our cat.

They have been fully groomed of all mats and burs. Current on shots as of May 2011, including three-year rabies shots.

Serious enquiries only. 
Please call 218-556-zero86two
for more information including price.
Please be prepared to answer questions about the home you would like to offer these working dogs. 
Do not call if you have no experience with, or understanding of, LGD's and the work they do.  These dogs are unique and display specific behaviors because of their instinct to be must know what that entails. 



To those of you that follow my blog:
Over the past few weeks it has become more and more clear that Bannon & Pooja & Shachah do not intend to get along.  Our first commitment is to Shachah, and so we must find a good working home for the new pair we brought in.  If you know of someone that needs an excellent working pair of LGD's, please send them to my blog.  Personal references are much appreciated.


Angela said...

Too bad it wont work for you. I hope you can find them a good home! I looked for one for a very long time and couldnt find one, now we arent too worried with all the donks we have. They are a major commitment for anyone! Hope they find a new home soon!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

They are a commitment...but such a rewarding one. I can't imagine farm life without an LGD now, and Shachah has only been here a year!

I think my mistake was to bring in a pair...they had each other so they didn't feel the need to be accepted by our pack. Either one of them solo would have worked, I think. And it might be that I just re-home one of them. But they are bonded so I thought it might be best to offer them as a pair first.

I know my post sounds firm about what kind of home they will go to...but I just feel too responsible for them to let them go to an uncertain future. They moved last May to a new farm...and now in August to mine...and here is another move...I want to know they will go to a forever home this time. They deserve it.

My husband and I were walking them last night, and of course all 5 dogs behave extremely well in that situation. It was so nice... made me want to reconsider.... But unless I remove one of the three GP's from the equation, I know it isn't going to work, no matter how much time I give them. So I'm back to offering them for sale.