Saturday, March 17, 2012

Early Spring

I can't remember such early warm weather.  In the 70's today.

There is only a little snow left on the ground...
in places it was piled up or in deep shady spots.

Pooja rolled in dead leaves before I took her picture.  Look at those monster-size paws of hers. 
She and Shachah chased a wolf out of the yard just a few weeks ago.  Love these guardians!

There is still ice on the lake, of course.  But probably not for long.  It froze so late this year.  And now it's already melting again.  Clancy will be cutting a couple of the huge birch trees by the shore in a few days.  They are completely dead on top and starting to drop dangerously large limbs.  Hopefully the saplings that spring up will one day replace their beautiful parents.

Megan has been spending more time outdoors now that it is warmer.  Unfortunately, the deer ticks are already out.  Time to start up the tick prevention ointment again.

While on my walk with Pooja & Meg, I noticed this Red-Tailed Hawk flying over the big hayfield.  Not the best photo... but so gorgeous in real life.

And finally... the ewes.  No lambing this spring.  But that just means that last year's lambs get to act like babies for another year.  Spoiled, selfish babies!  I started bringing out animal crackers in an effort to tame down Penelope (Lana's lamb).  She now gets close enough to sniff the cracker in my outstretched hand.  But about the time she is ready to nibble the other three ewe lambs are on top of her, each other, and the cracker!... playing "first piggy to the trough."  They are absolutely greedy over those crackers.  The photo above shows them fixated on the cookie jar through the fence.  I'm not sure if I'm taming Penelope or just training the other lambs to jump up on me.

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