Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moving On With Spring

I always think of the first day that I let the sheep out of their winter paddock as the "first day of Spring."  The lake ice was gone on Monday...very early this year.  I finally got my lilacs, walnut & apple trees, rhubarb and garden spaces fenced in with electronet.  Leaving the girls with the entire run of the farm.

And run they did.  They spent the first 30 minutes of their freedom bouncing, skipping, and running from one end of the yard to the other.  Shachah even joined in the silliness.  But the minute the sheep got too close to his precious porch where his food dish resides he showed his fangs and growled.  No harm done...the younger sheep have to learn not to mess with him anyway.

It has been exactly one week since Pooja died, and I miss her.  While Shachah is an excellent guardian by himself, he and Pooja worked so well together.  It was Pooja that made sure the sheep didn't wander out of the yard and I was counting on her for just this moment in time when I let the flock roam without electronet.  Shachah stays with the sheep, but he doesn't mind if they wander down the driveway or powerline.  So I have to keep an eye out and call them back if they go too far. 

We have noticed how Shachah has picked up the slack this past week.  He used to sleep most of the day in his favorite spot by the sheep pen while Pooja kept watch.  They would switch roles at dusk.  But now Shachah is alert 'round the clock.  Yes, he naps, but not as soundly...and not in his cozy spot anymore.  So we are definitely looking for another LGD...for Shachah's sake as much as ours.  He deserves a good partner.  Please spread the word that we are interested in another LGD.

Megan was pretty excited when the sheep were released today, too.  Since I wouldn't let her round them up, she found her tennis ball and begged a few minutes of fetch.  She'll get her chance to herd this evening when the flock goes back into their pen.

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