Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prom 2012

A milestone at the Erickson house...
Isaac and Asa attended their Junior Prom
Shameless bragging:  I thought my sons looked so handsome...and their dates were just beautiful.

Isaac and his friend, Abby.

My camera decided to!...and by the time it actually worked, the kids were tired of posing and they were laughing.  But I finally got these TWO photos!  Abby wore an authentic Indian sari.  So cool! 

Asa and his friend, Sabrina.

My camera was behaving earlier in the evening, and the couple graciously posed for about 50 snapshots.  :)  Sabrina was wearing her favorite color: bright green.  Gorgeous!  And Asa had designed the flowers specificly to match her dress.

So proud!

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Kelly Bartels said...

Lovely photos and very handsome young men, you should be proud. I think it's kinda cool that both of your son's dates are wearing green.