Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunday School Crafts

I love teaching Sunday School at 
Here are a couple of crafts we did in class recently.  Many thanks to Clancy for sketching the people and the ark and the background for the Noah story.  Please note that this is not our best artistic work, as most of it was drawn and cut out late in the night before Sunday.  Mercifully, kids are less critical about these crafts than our inner critics.
Feel free to borrow the designs and make your own versions of these crafts.

Moveable Noah's Ark 
(Genesis 6-9)
Have kids color background card stock.  Glue down large blue wave (with cutout to fit around cardstock slit).  Put a line of glue ONLY on the straight edge of narrow wave.  Add narrow wave so it covers but does not block the slit in the card stock Color ark and add people/animal stickers (option).  Glue or tape ark to wooden stick and slide stick between waves and through the card stock slit.

Crossing the Red Sea 
(Exodus 14)

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