Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Big News

Meet Bramble Anna Belle. She came home with me on Friday. After two years of longing for Anna Belle to be in my flock, Kim generously made my wish come true.
I know how you will miss her, Kim. I promise she will be treasured here at Boston Lake.
Anna Belle was the calmest, sweetest ewe today while Clancy and I sheared her. She just leaned her head against my shoulder and enjoyed my snuggles while Clancy clipped away with the scissors. I love her already. She even won Clancy's heart with her beautiful manners and fine fleece. Her softness is just incredible.
Thank you, Kim!


Garrett808 said...

WAY TO GO SABRINA!!!! Exciting getting new sheep huh? Becky and Kim are both great ladies and I'm fortunate enough to get to ride with them to MFF in August!! I have met both ladies' flocks and must say there are some in each flock that I'd like to have too :) Congrats again!!

Kim Nikolai said...

You are SO welcome Sabrina! She looks wonderful and definitely more comfortable. Want to come come shear some more? I have lots more to do! ;-)

sheila said...

I just saw your comment on my blog and am so glad you stumble onto it since it gave me a chance to find yours as well.. You have some beautiful sheep and I also loved looking at your other blog and your beautiful wood products!

Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful addition to your flock, Sabrina! I'm happy for you ~ AND for Annabell!