Sunday, July 29, 2007

Starting with Thursday...

Life has been full steam ahead for the past few days. Such fun and good times. It may take me a few days to write about it all.

This past Thursday we wrapped up SOCCER practice for the summer. (With gasoline prices so high, Selena and I decided we wouldn't be driving the 40 mile round trip to town for boys' soccer league this year. Since Elmer (Selena's Husband) is a soccer coach and a very generous person, he offered to teach soccer to our kids twice a week over at Grandma's house.) Just like the matches we played earlier in the summer, it was grown-ups against kids for the final game.

With the exception of Elmer, who plays soccer with a team regularly and usually acts as referee for our games, Clancy and I, Selena, and Mom and Dad are ordinary people with ordinary stamina and fitness in the "organized sports." Meaning we wilt in the hot hot sun and huff and puff our way around the soccer field. "Is it half-time yet?"

Well, I guess Dad and Clancy have enough of a competitive nature to keep quiet. Sometimes I think they are playing a little too hard...maybe more is at stake in their minds? It's been more than 17 years since I played soccer in high school. I don't charge the ball like I used to. I'm pretty sure Selena, Mom, and I are just trying to avoid major injury. We consider ourselves large moving versions of those orange cones the boys practice around.

At any rate, our sons' soccer skills have improved dramatically with these private lessons. A huge THANK YOU from my family to UNCLE ELMER! You are a great coach.

Here is a photo of the team (my three and Selena's son) with Coach Elmer, taken during half-time. Don't they look like pros?

This is Dad, Mom, and me taken at half-time. What a miracle we are still breathing! :) I can tell you we laugh this hard pretty much all the way through the game. It's endlessly funny the way we look trying to play soccer. Healthy jests abound. We have great team spirit, though!

In case you are wondering.........we lost big time. The edge we had half-way through the season couldn't withstand the well-oiled machine the boys' team has become. Way to go Elmer. Way to go kids!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Fun to see who I'm corresponding with! Soccer was my favorite sport in grade school. I think it's the only thing I miss about grade school....