Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pretty Anna

Bramble Anna Belle just keeps getting closer and closer to my heart. She and her best friend, Rachel, please me more and more every time I think of them. Even though I have my wishes, I don't care what color or sex of lambs they give me because I know I will like them.
I took this picture a few days ago, before the frigid temperatures moved into the area. We are all just trying to stay warm. The ewes are getting some corn/molasses once a day to keep their calories up. They are frost covered but active. The younger ewes like to pogo hop around the pen each evening. Unicorn has been leaping straight up in the air every time I go out to feed. (It's hilarious how something so big can still leap like a lamb!) I figure if they can goof off that much at -35 degrees windchill , they must be fine.

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