Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunshine Lambs

Boston Lake Nadin enjoying the great outdoors for the first time.

It was so beautiful this afternoon I just had to let the three moms and their babies out of the barn for a while. I usually keep the families jugged for 5-7 days. I want the lambs to be able to run away from hostile ewes and to be able to handle the electronet shock they get. But for a few hours today I kept the fencer off and let the new moms and lambs into a paddock separate from the pregnant ewes. It went very well. Each ewe only had one lamb to keep up with. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine, fresh air, and space to walk (or hop) around.
Boston Lake Bam played hard as soon as little hooves crossed the barn thresh hold. What a zest for mischief and exertion he has. He's ALL ram. But even little boys have to stop to catch their breath. Here he is panting before he takes another lap around the pasture.
This little angel is Boston Lake Vyvyan Bloem. She is only two days old and so delicate that she almost seems transparent. Completely precious and sweet. Nadin has a sassy streak, but Vyvy is pure cotton candy.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

They are all beautiful, Sabrina! Wish it wasn't so cold and wet here for my new lambs, but they seem to be doing okay with it. The bigger twins want room to run, though!