Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Lamb

Dolce lambed early this morning. She gave me a single, black ewe lamb: Boston Lake Duvie. That makes three ewe lambs and one ram lamb. So far so good. The lamb was still a bit damp but running around the pasture this morning at 6am. Mom and baby have been jugged, given BoSe shots and Vitamin E capsules, and left to bond for a while. Oh, and the lamb has been nursing just fine-always a relief.

This year, in an attempt to have lambs born in the daylight, I had a strict schedule for when I fed grain. I fed their supplement between 7-8pm every night and so far all the lambs have been born at 5am. Delyth delivered at 11am-but that is still quite acceptable. I think I will stick to this routine in the years to come. I like finding wet lambs at 6am. If I was very concerned about a certain ewe, I could get up at 5am and probably intercept the birth.

Because I needed a jug for Dolce, I decided to let the older lambs out of their jugs for good. They are so happy to be free. And just today they discovered each other. There is suddenly more to life than just Mom now. Let the lamb races begin. I love this part.

Anna must be really close to lambing. This morning she singled out Sian and little Vyvy and attacked them again and again. I could not dissuade her into leaving them alone. Since Dolce was this aggressive to Rachel yesterday, (and she lambed this morning) I decide to jug Anna. Maybe she won't lamb today, but I feel Sian and her baby deserve a bit of time to eat outside without being pummeled. Anna is not happy in the nice clean jug. But she has food and water and it won't kill her to take a time-out. Maybe she'll surprise me with babies by lunch time. Well...I can dream.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congratulations on another healthy ewe lamb! I guess if we put our numbers together we're getting that 50/50 split between rams and ewes....

Becky Utecht said...

Congrats Sabrina on another healthy lamb. And a ewe lamb too! You're doing great this year at 3:1 ewes to rams. I hope it keeps up for you. I'm at two ram lambs for every ewe lamb.