Tuesday, April 22, 2008


After Anna Belle had a few hours in time-out yesterday, I decided to give her another chance to be out with the new moms and lambs. She made a bee-line for Sian and Vyvyan. Over and over she attacked Sian. She was so focused it was scary. I put her back in the jug and told her to just have her lambs and get it over with.
When I went out to feed grain at 7pm, I found twin lambs in Anna's pen! A small white lamb and a large black katmoget lamb (the very first EVER born here at this farm.) After I ran back to the house for BoSe shots, iodine, and Clancy, we discovered they were both ewe lambs. How could I be so lucky?!

Both of them have the type of fleece I have been trying to breed for. They are crimpy right down to the back of their legs. The white one looks like she is beaded with seed pearls. I am so happy. So..........introducing:

Boston Lake Nhu ("everything according to one's wishes")

Boston Lake Lyneth ("beautiful one")

And Dolce's lamb, Boston Lake Duvie ("small, black") Duvie turned to popcorn just hours after she was born. Like her nephew, Bam, she is ready to bounce into her new world. "One more day in the jug, Sweety." For the shepherd's sake.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hurray and congratulations!!! Goodie for you, ewe lambs two! I'm checking Valentine every couple hours; she's close. She'd BETTER lamb before I have to leave tomorrow for our homeschool co-op....

Becky Utecht said...

Woo-hoo Sabrina, you hit the jack pot! You couldn't have asked for a better outcome than that, you're really getting lots of ewe lambs! :-)

Garrett808 said...

five ewes and one ram? how does one get so lucky? How many more are left? And are they all out of Unicorn? or is the katmoget out of Bombarde?

I'm finding it hard trying to decide who to keep and who not to. Micron tests, fleece feeling, performance, and good mothering abilities will determine who stays and goes here....i'm probalby going to end up keeping most of the lambs til fall to find out what their lamb fleeces test at and to see how crimpy they are and how nice conformationally they are.....or if its a drought, maybe not :P

Pi Lo, who is bred to a gulmoget looks to be in the early stages of labor. Again. I almost didn't jug her b.c. I figured she's pulling my leg again!

I'm finally able to catch up with all the lambs and blogs! Horray!!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thanks everyone. Only my black yearling is left to lamb. She should go right around May 1. She will give me a grey in black or moorit, or a Katmoget in black or moorit. I'm sure she'll give me a single, but even if it is a ram lamb, I'll still be 5:2 ewe to ram ratio. That is lucky, I know.

I have lambs from three different rams this spring:

Two black ewe lambs from Bramble Allister (moorit).

A white ram and ewe lamb from Unicorn. The ewe lamb seemed to get the best from Sian and Uni and be a genuine improvement on both of them-so I plan to keep her and sell Uni.

And Anna Belle and the yearling Rai Min are giving me lambs from Bombarde. He is staying here. The fleece and conformation is incredible. I'm hoping Rai Min gives me a ewe lamb because then I will feel better about her being on my sales list. She has decent fleece, great conformation, and a fast growth rate-but I don't want so many black sheep in the flock.

Congratulations, you three, on getting some terrific lambs. I can't say why, but I like your musket twin boy, Michelle. He looks so beefy! And Becky and Garrett-Gulmogets! I want to come see them. This is a pretty exciting year for lambs I think.

Off to visit your blogs now. Have a great day. :)

Gail V said...
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Gail V said...

What beautiful pictures of pretty little lambs, Sabrina. Congratulations! And you just explained to me why our sweet Little Red Oak Mallow is suddenly Little Red Oak Malicious! She's going to pop out her lambs any time, I bet.

Oh funny, I deleted (this same) comment because it had a typo, and Blogger told you . . .

Tammy said...

Congrats Sabrina!
Lovely pair of ewe lambs. All your lambs look great and I'm glad they are arriving healthy and bouncy. Esp. love that Katmoget. You are one of the few of seen that have had an 'ewe' year. :-)