Thursday, May 8, 2008

Birds, Birds, Birds

I had to change the little sidebar photo this morning because Mr. Rooster no longer exists. Our beautiful barred rock fellow started getting a little aggressive this spring. He had just turned two and that seems to be the age when a rooster tries to take on more of the farm management than just the running of his own flock of hens.
He had attacked me three times already. The first two times were completely unprovoked and I didn't even see him coming. I'm a little freaked out by chickens anyway, and his surprise attacks did little to secure his place here on the farm. Yesterday, I had the sheep out on the lawn and I had to move the chicken feeder so they wouldn't eat out of it. Mr. Rooster didn't like my interference with his food dish, even though he has the run of the whole blessed farm. He got me pretty good twice until I managed a defensive kick to his chest. Then he backed me all the way up onto the porch, where he finally let me go. I can honestly say I hated him during that little ordeal.

Once again I demanded from Clancy that he get rid of the beast. This terror could really hurt my young nephew or the boys if he decided to attack them. Yet again I heard how the job would get done just as soon as my darling had some spare time.

Well, this morning, while doing chicken chores, Mr. Rooster attacked my poor husband inside the chicken coop. The chicken coop is about 3.5 x 6 feet, and only 5 feet tall at the peak. I can only imagine the rodeo of that event, and how many times Clancy banged his head on the rafters while trying to dodge the rooster. I'm not laughing. Really. I'm NOT laughing! ;)

Out of breath and indignant, Clancy marched in the house to tell me the rooster had been disposed of. I thought he had finally decided I really meant those last three ultimatums. No, the rooster had attacked HIM and so the menace met a swift and justified end. Apparently Clancy knocked him down with a chunk of wood, and chopped off his head before he came to.

I told Clancy I would be making light of this situation. It is, after all, perhaps a universal experience for wives? Nothing is wrong with the car until HE drives it...There is no snake under the porch until HE sees it... Shame on me. I am really ribbing him way too much. He knows I'm teasing though. :)

Since the rooster had to be removed, I thought I would replace him with a photo of the beautiful swans that visit us here at Boston Lake. Almost any day, we can see them near our shore, or far out on the lake like brilliant sailboats. Each time I see them, I am filled with reverence for this beautiful place God has allowed me to live in.

And finally, I can introduce our two new cockatiels properly: Meet Bette and Greybird. They love to be with us while we eat and sit. Leif is doing his homework here, with the birds on his shoulders. My son would prefer it known that he is wearing my old sweater because the birds like the texture for climbing...and it's already dirty. In "real life" he would not be caught dead wearing my sweater. He is too cool for that.
Pre-teen, parent-induced mortification aside, cockatiels really are exquisite little birds. :)


Kim Nikolai said...

We had a similar experience years ago with a rooster. To this day our daughter is afraid of chickens that are running loose. Ours was dispatched and served for dinner. The kids took the opportunity to get back at the little devil!

Lovely swans! I envy you your wonderful farm!

Rayna said...

Yeah, we send little cocky roos flying across the barn once in a while...and then they usually go to the next sale lol. Very pretty cockatiels, a very nice whitefaced male, and a pied...male? Those cheek patches can be very bright on females sometimes, and can't see any barring under the tail from the pics lol. Gorgeous swans...Swans are so pretty! From a mom's pair could use a swift kick if they weren't so delicate lol. Good luck when you get a new rooster :)

Kimberly at Echowood said...

The cockatiels are so pretty! I can't decide which one has the prettiest color......Anyway, how (sort of) funny about Mr. Rooster. I'm sure I would have freaked out if I was being chased like that. So who is braver---you for running and then standing your ground, or Clancy for clobbering the thing? :)

Your comments about Leif and the sweater made me laugh. Kids!

Garrett808 said...

hey! a white faced and a pied!! congrats! I have another much younger bird (three years old) that needs a forever home when your birds are getting up there in age :) They ARE fun, i just don't have time for them.

Chickens scare me too (and geese) so that is why i have ducks and bantams LOL

Becky Utecht said...

Beautiful swans, what a lovely place to live!
I loved the rooster story. It reminded me of that movie with Renee Zellwieger and Nicole Kidman? "_____ Mountain" was the title, (sorry I can't remember the first word). Anyway Nicole Kidman was terrorized for weeks by a nasty rooster like that and when Renee Z. showed up, she took that rooster's head off as soon as he came at her. Then they ate him. It was so funny.
There are lots of friendly roosters out there, but I wouldn't bother to replace him with feed costs as high as they are. The hens are probably happier without a rooster anyway.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I never could understand why Rick's sister was scared of the chickens and roosters. I was always good at dodgeball AND kickball, so I had no trouble meeting one with a well-timed kick. But I'm glad for your sake that Clancy had his hand forced and saved you from further menace.