Monday, May 5, 2008

Boston Lake Ris

It was warm and sunny today so I released Rai Min and her lamb from the jug. Boston Lake Ris was more than happy to meet the other lambs and learn how to run and play. But he is so tiny compared to the fat lambies that are a couple of weeks older.

Rai Min is a rather nervous mother. A month ago she was kicking up her heels like a goofy yearling. Now the only thing she can focus on is her precious lamb. Her fretting made it difficult to snap a decent photo of the little guy.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

BIG horn buds! The only one of my ram lambs who has horns bigger than that is one of the twins born on 4/4 (his brother is definitely half-polled).

Becky Utecht said...

You're right, he sure looks dark Sabrina. Very cute little guy! Can you tell me who Rai Min's parents are? I couldn't find her in the NASSA database. I'd like to investigate her bloodlines and see if we can come up with an explanation for his dark color. Also, it would be nice to see a photo of his (ahem, how to say this)purse...

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I just registered Rai Min last month so she isn't in the updated data base yet. I paid my dues late too so I don't think I'll be "current" until July either. Shame on me.

Next time someone can help hold the lamb I'll get underside photos. I tried the other day holding the camera and the lamb at the same time and all I got were some great photos of my rubber boots.

Rai Min's parents were Windswept Northwind (dam) and Kimberwood Kavan (sire). If you find any clues in her pedigree, please let me know. I admit to being very behind on the new genetic findings of the past year or two.

Thanks for the interest and help with this boy. Maybe time will solve the problem and he will grey out. But if he doesn't, I'd like to know why. :)

And yes, Michelle, Ris has the biggest horn buds I've ever seen here. They were already emerging at birth. Kinda blew my hope that a ram lamb this spring would indicate Bombarde was maybe a half poll. If he's going to be horned-I hope they turn out to be nice horns. :)

Becky Utecht said...

I do think Bombarde is half-poll. He sired two ram lambs for me last year, one with nice teacup type horns and the other with little scurs. The rest of his lambs were ewes - all musket or katmoget. ;-)
I put Bombarde in with Bramble Jemma in hopes of a polled lamb this spring, but she still hasn't had her lamb(s) so he didn't get her bred. Then I was hoping that polled Kimberwood Harrison did, but the time has passed for that too. And now I'm afraid our white BFL, Dougal did the honors. Darn! Well, at least they will be polled with fabulous fleece. ;-)