Friday, July 18, 2008

My Little Fairy Angel

Boston Lake Lyneth is my most precious lamb. From Bramble Anna Belle X Sheltering Pines Bombarde, she is everything I hoped that cross would be. Actually, her twin sister, Nhu (the black kat in the background), is everything I hoped the cross would be. I REALLY wanted a katmoget. I had about zero interest in white lambs until this year, when I actually got some white lambs. Lyneth is my Little Fairy Angel. My Pretty Dolly. My Sweet Petite. I call her so many different terms of endearment that I have to think a bit to remember the name I gave her at birth. Even then it's Lynny.
Lyneth, and Nhu, are my best chance at polled genetics in the ewe flock. They both have depressions and leathery patches on their heads. All my other ewes have bone knobs or even tiny horn points.
Lyneth is also built like a brick-shaped butterfly. She's truly that delicate. Not undersized, but my smallest and most dainty lamb. But her hind quarters look like a BFL in miniature. And look at that tail! At best it is only 3.5 inches long. It's so tiny I laugh everytime I see it. Everything about Lyneth is just too cute.
Even her little attitude is adorable. She just loves attention. Pretty much from anyone. She cuddles right up to the boys and the little children that visit the farm. In fact, she usually sits down against them so they can love her up better. She really is just the honey of the flock.

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Garrett808 said...

now THAT is an amazing lamb! WOWZA Sabrina...i haven't seen many photos of growing lambs until today from you and you must be keeping them all under wrap? :) Congrats again on some stellar looking we wait for fleece to grow in ...right?

her head DOES appear to be a poll carrier!! At least from my limited experience with it!

I'll see you bright and early tomorrow!