Sunday, July 20, 2008

My New Polled Babies

I drove down to Ramsay Farms yesterday and picked up the polled ramlings I bought from Garrett. Oh, did I have fun! Hours of talking sheep, talking farming, examining sheep, examining fleeces...

I finally learned how to read a micron report. Thank you, Garrett. And I agreed to micron the lambs I bought once this fall and again next spring, so Garrett can add the data to his immense flock spread sheet. I supposed there is the chance I will learn something too. :)

Garrett, generous person that he is, even sent home a little ewe lamb that I have long admired. Meet White Pine Silverthorn. She is adorable. We examined her and her black twin sister yesterday and discovered Silvy has indentions in her skull, and so might be a poll carrier. Her dam has polled genetics so there is a good chance. I get to test breed her. But I think I will wait till she is a yearling because she is the smaller of the twins. What a cute little bug. I'm delighted to have her here.

White Pine Parker insisted on napping during the photo shoot this morning. But I think you can see the tiny button scurs he has even though he has his head mostly behind Arvada. (Parker is the brownish one.) I'm so excited to have a polled ramling.

Last, but certainly not least, is White Pine Arvada. He is a gorgeous katmoget that is also carrying polled and modified genetics. I love his tiny tail.

All of these lambs have beautiful soft fleece: as good or better than my two best lambs of 2008. I look forward to the fleece genetics these rams will add to my flock, as well as the gains I am taking toward my polled goal. Thanks again, Garrett. :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congratulations, Sabrina! (And I love your beautiful Lynny, too.)

Garrett808 said...

Wow, I could never get them to raise their heads long enough for a photo. How did you do it? Is Parker pouting? LOL

I'm glad you like them!

Becky Utecht said...

Silverthorn is indeed a sweet little thing! Congratulations on all your new flock members Sabrina.

Karen B. said...

Oh, little Silverthorn has the sweetest face and what a pretty color.