Saturday, July 26, 2008

White Pine Parker

Yesterday I got a few snaps of the new lambs. Parker is the polled musket boy in front. Day one he was just a scared little lamb. Day seven he's Dominant Boy. Shake a bit of corn in a bucket and he meets you at the gate.
I have always been a fan of Ag (the greying gene). I don't mind having a nice ram that is also Ag. I actually love working with light colored fleeces.
I know Ag is dominant and can take over the flock. But I'm not worried about it. All of my ewes are solid. And Parker has a lot to offer my flock with his polled genes and beautiful fleece. Someday I'll have to reduce the grey in my flock. But I look forward to getting a couple of good Ag ewes first. Then I can move on to strictly solid rams again.


Garrett808 said...

Why is it they look BETTER after they leave? *sigh*


He is looking REALLY good Sabrina! And remember he'll throw half NON-Ag lambs too! :)

I could have swore I saw him and Arvada in the flock tonight...guess I'm just used to them being in it lol

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Parker looks VERY nice, indeed! My ram is musket carrying solid as well, and only two of my six lambs by him this year are Ag -- and both of those were out of an Ag grey ewe.