Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goodbye Lambs, Hello New Friends

I'm a little late in posting my final goodbye to Bam and Ris. It's been a busy few days. But just as planned, Tifany came down from Rice River on Monday and picked up the boys. Check out her blog for the photo of these two ramlings in a jungle of fresh new foilage at her place up in Northeast Minnesota.
Tifany, you are such a beautiful person with a heart of gold. I truly enjoyed meeting you and your adorable son, Isaiah. I know the rammies will be just fine in your care. And I wish you all the very best with your new flock of Shetlands.

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Tifany said...

Hello new friend! Thanks for the great visit. I couldn't stop sharing everything with Nate when I got home. Maybe we'll have to come down for another visit next summer. Bam and Ris are doing well. Kohen was so excited to see them when he got home, and points them out to all our visitors. "See that white sheep, he's Bam!" Thank you for all the advice and encouragement! You are a great person and great asset to the shetland community!