Saturday, February 14, 2009


I've wanted to post this photo of Sally for a while now. She was standing in the middle of the driveway.
Once in a while Clancy calls Sally Cleopatra because of the beautiful black eyeliner she has. Her eyes are very striking and pretty.
The past two months my mind (and schedule) have been very occupied. Not much time to contemplate the weather, or the seasons. Then this evening I noticed how much longer the days have gotten. I am grateful for the extra sunlight. Sally helped me do a few chores at sunset tonight. She doesn't like to leave the house on the off chance she doesn't get let back in the instant she begs at the window. She hates to be forgotten. But when I'm out doing chores she knows she comes back in with me so she's claimed that time. She's old. I'm sure she knows best what she needs. If she doesn't want to go outside there is no making her do so anyway.
Usually I notice the seasons change. But today I noticed little tufts of fur shedding from the base of Sally's tail. She is shedding all of a sudden. That reminded me that the days must be getting longer. Dog shedding season...mud season...lambing season...late blizzard season...bliss week...wood tick season...mosquito season... Better not get ahead of myself. I just caught up.
What I have noticed a great deal this winter is the moon and Venus. They have given some spectacular views this winter. The snowy landscape makes such a brilliant backdrop for their jeweled lights.


Nancy K. said...

She's beautiful, Karen.
I've always wanted a GSD

Nancy K. said...

Oh, Good LORD! I'm sorry SABRINA. I have no idea why I put "Karen" in that comment....