Monday, February 16, 2009


"Here she comes!"

"We're over here, Lady! Over here!"

"You're going to feed me now, right?"
"Seriously. Now, right?"
Parker and Arvada. Impatience as an art form.


Tammy said...

Thanks for the needed laugh. I love all the drama. Sweet little sheepies.

Nancy K. said...

Oh, those poor, pathetic, obviously Starving creatures!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

That musket has the CUTEST face! I love my muskets' faces, but they rarely photograph well. Two look like they have mile-long noses, and the other just isn't photogenic.

Karen B. said...

"Clowns" is right, nothing funnier than sheep up on their hind legs begging. Cute, cute, cute.

Garrett808 said...

ok those have got to be the cutest lambs I've raised! :D

I'm impressed parker still has a fairly dark fleece, is it white underneath those tips?

Glad to see Arvada isn't getting larger horns. I can't wait to see their micron reports!

I'm also happy they are still buddies and not wanting to fight!

JonJon said...

Hey... so cute there!!!