Saturday, April 18, 2009


Four awesome ladies from the local fiber artists' guild came out to the farm to visit this afternoon. We looked at the ewe pen and the rams first. Then we visited the lambing shed.
Niav, Vianne, Darla, and Dan were cuddled and smooched from ear to ear and photographed probably a hundred times. After the ladies released the babies back to their mamas, the lambs put on their bouncy show for us. Oh! They really are so cute!
Of course, I forgot to bring out my camera to take pictures. I was too busy enjoying the company of so many wonderful women that are enthusiastic about life, the natural world, and FIBER.
It was so fun to have you visit, gals! Come again.

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marchwind said...

Gladly any day! Thank YOU Sabrina for an absolutely perfect fiber filled day.