Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seeing White

Just by chance, I caught all five of the white lambs together for a photo. At least within my flock, there is amazing variation between the lambs with the white pattern. From left to right:
Bence-bright white, uniform crimp, black nose, black eye-liner.
Dan-ivory white, silky straight hair, grey nose, pink eye-liner.
Darla Gay-milk white, fluffy ringlets, pink nose, pink eye-liner.
Qdy-milk white, uniform crimp, brown nose, distinct brown-tipped ears.
Vianne-grey white, tight uniform crimp, distinct extra-tiny fluke tail with a tuft of tan hair at the tip.
I used to wonder how my friend with Suffolk crosses could tell her lambs apart. They all looked the same to me. I don't wonder anymore. Each of these little woolballs is totally different if one looks close enough. Once they have become distinct to the eye, their personalities start to show through:
Like magnets the two ram lambs, Dan and Bence, have found each other and prefer to play together. They play rougher with each other than they are allowed to with the girls. Bence likes to pose and be admired. Dan likes to eat.
Darla likes to hang out with Vianne and Niav. She likes to run with them. They like to lead the lamb races. Niav is the instigator. Vianne is the princess.
And Qdy still really loves her mommy. Almost all of my pictures of her have Delyth right beside her. That's OK. She's the baby of the flock. Her half brown ears remind me of the rabbits at the fair-I don't know what breed. She looks like a bunny among lambs out in the pasture. CUTE!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How funny - you have five white lambs and I have five brown lambs. And yet, neither of us find our group monotonous!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Shetlands have just too much spring and personality to be monotonous, don't they?!!!! :)

Your lambs are gorgeous, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

How funny - you have five white lambs
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