Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Qdy Pie

The sun came out for a while today so I let the lambs out of the barn with their dams. The older two sets of twins had seen the great outdoors before but it was the first time for Bence and Qdy. Of course they loved it and they tried very hard to keep up with the bigger, week-old lambs.
I took 169 photos trying to capture all the sweet popcorn out in the pasture. About 6 of those pictures are worth sharing. The rest are of blurry lambs zooming past the lens. Oh well.
Here is Qdy springing into action. She is just a love. I picked her up to snuggle when I put the girls back in the barn tonight. She soaked it up: didn't even wiggle to get down. What a little gift-that doesn't happen very often. As soon as I put her down she curled up in a ball of sleep with her brother. Playing popcorn is exhausting.


Gail V said...

Oh Sabrina,
I love all your little white lambs, and the popcorn pictures!
Keep posting!

Nancy K. said...

Keep taking those pictures! Those 'popcorn' shots are absolutely priceless!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too cute!!! And a great name :-)

Anonymous said...

Those 'popcorn' shots are absolutely priceless!!
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