Thursday, May 28, 2009


White Pine Arvada
Becky at River Oaks is asking others what potential her yearling Bo might have as a half-poll ram. If you are someone with experience in polled sheep, stop by there and help her out.
I'm posting about Arvada for horn comparison. Arvada is thought to be a half-poll; his dam being a likely poll carrier. Arvada had very small horns when I brought him home as a lamb last July. They appeared like small scurs to me. Since I was interested in his soft fleece and kat pattern, I was willing to take a chance on the polled issue. His horns grew rapidly this past fall/winter and now they seem to be reaching a growth plateau again.
I am still undecided about his polled/horned state. Test breeding will probably be the only way to really know. I think he might be a poll carrier because of my experience with Bombarde having such large horns and still being a poll carrier. Bombarde has very asymmetrical horns though, and Arvada's are very symmetrical. However, this yearling's horn profile is quite round compared to my other rams. Clues? Or not?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Round vs. "D" profile has nothing to do with polledness; either is an acceptable profile in fully horned rams. I think you're going to have to test breed! Those are mighty big "scurs" compared to everything I've gotten....

Garrett808 said...

i must say he IS looking quite amazing ;)

I have had slow growing horns but his nubs last summer were barely there. I do have others that are half poll (poll carriers) that have tiny fatal scurs, and some with longer aberrant horns. Kim Nikolai has a ram named Charlamagne with huge symmetrical 'horns'.

Wintersky Jamison also had 'normal' horns but found out later in life they were aberrant and they fooled a lot of people. Arvada's are still much shorter than my 'normal' non poll carrier rams.

I'm so sorry they grew so big! What about Parker?

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thank you for weighing in Michelle. Last I heard folks thought the profile might have something to do with polled. I should pay more attention. :)

I think you are right-test breeding is the only sure way to know.

I do have a yearling ewe or two that I have high hopes of carrying or being polled-so that might help to pair him up with them.

Arvada's fleece is much coveted by spinners who see it...and touch it. I just got my fleece samples sent in so I will post those whenever they are returned.

I agree-Arvada did have tiny horns at 3.5 months when I brought him home.

The only conformation weakness I find in Arvada is that he is shallow in the neck-as in his brisket area is shallow and not deep and square like I like. I am hoping that pairing him with opposite type ewes will improve that. Otherwise he is wide and square in the hindquarters and has a super tiny tail too. I just love that about him!

And soft...did I mention soft? His britch is silky soft too. I'm hoping he likes sharing his soft genes with his lambs.

I'll post about Parker next.

Becky Utecht said...

I thought the round profile was more associated with poll genetics too Sabrina. I understand both profiles are acceptable in fully horned, but I thought that we learn more about aberrant horns and scurs, the round teacup horns are somewhat more suspect than the big D shape profile. Oh and I just wanted to remind you Sabrina that Bombarde broke a horn early in life and that's why his horns are asymmetrical. The one that broke off grew back much bigger than the one that didn't. :-)