Tuesday, May 26, 2009

B & Q & Explanation

Yesterday I featured the katmoget ram lamb Jchen. I said he is owned by my son. Here is how that all works:
I actually own and register all the sheep here. But the first year I had registered ewe lambs I "gave" one to each of my three sons. The agreement was they would help me with chores when I asked and I would let them name the lambs from their ewes and keep the money from any sale lambs those ewes produced-as long as any money that they make goes into their individual savings account.
Yesterday, after featuring Isaac's lamb Jchen, my son Asa told me his lambs had not had enough press lately. So here are a couple of photos of his white lambs out of Delyth X Unicorn:
Qdy on the left, her twin Bence in the middle, and half-brother Dan on the right.
Bence relaxing in the grass. He has such brilliant white fleece. Asa wants him to replace Unicorn; but again with the horns interfering with my polled flock plans. Therefore, Bence may be for sale if he grows into the hopes we have for him.

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