Monday, May 11, 2009


Clancy calls the four white Unicorn lambs bunnies. I don't know whether it is their little dark noses (exception-Darla Gay) or their stout little forms all puffed up with white fluff-but they really do resemble rabbits. Especially when they are tearing across the yard as a mob. Like wild March hares!
Unicorn is very wide in the chest and hips, and he throws lambs with that conformation. This adds to the square and low bunny look, too. They are just plain cute.
Here are Qdy, Darla, and Bence snuggling down for the evening. They were out on grass yesterday for 8 hours before I put them in the barn pen.
Finally the lambs are learning the drill and following their dams in for the grain treat at night. When they are only a few days old they stay very close to mom and they come in with her just fine. After about a week and a half they develop their first streak of independence and decide to follow their peers.
At evening round up the ewes would follow me into the pen, and the lambs would run the other direction-because they just learned THEY CAN! For a week or so I would shut the gate and wait until they realized their moms were on the other side and NOT coming back to them. Pretty soon they would congregate near the gate and I would open it. The wayward lambs would run into the pen, desperate and frantic.
Now, they have adopted some of the flock behaviors and routines for themselves and they are more cooperative. Thank you, Lambies.

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