Friday, May 22, 2009

For Sale-Windswept Unicorn

This is the year I must part with Unicorn. He has given me two gorgeous keeper ewe lambs that I am eager to use next year-Darla & Qdy. He has produced my heaviest ram lamb of the season-Dan. And his son Bence has all of his best qualities-especially his blue/white color-with even more uniform fleece and strength and width to his hindquarters.
I am trying to move closer to breeding polled Shetlands. While I can work with his female offspring, I can no longer use Unicorn. His strengths include adding size, shoulder, presence, length, and horn genetics. His fleece is huge and has a wonderful silky handle. He has been a great ram for me. And though I will miss him-my husband will miss him more. Like the expression says-this guy is truly a "man's man."
Please call 218.556.0862 or 218.243.2126. Leave a message at either number. Or email me at for more information.
Windswept Unicorn
F2 Drum Jings
Masculinity to the extreme.
Magnificent horns.
Wide chest.
Silky, dense, heavy fleece.
Long staple-single coated.
Brilliant white lustre described by buyer as "fiber-optic".
Homozygous for white with major face speckling.
Tiny tail.
Proven-produced 3 rams and 3 ewes-all significantly chunky lambs.
Respects humans.
Does NOT head-butt fencing/structures just for fun.
Respects electronet fencing.
Has not been injured in any way through fighting, shearing, or management.
Quickly covers his ewes.
'09 lambs shown are Qdy & Dan. Unicorn has a very tiny tail. It does grow some extra hair at the tip and the shearer did not take it off. There is two inches of hair past the tip of his tail in the last photo. This has never created a soiling problem for him and his lambs have improved tail covering out of good ewes.

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Juliann said...

Sabrina, my husband feels that same way yours does. He likes the "manly man" horned rams. But Tom isn't the one paying for repairing all the damaged fencing and calf huts (I pay the farm bills), lol! So I win! ;)