Tuesday, June 2, 2009


After picking through it a bit, I do feel Duvie has modified fleece. Her dam is emsket and her sire carried modified so this is no great feat.
What color is this fleece, though. And will it lighten more as she ages? I never saw a distinct line in her fleece as a lamb. I just noticed that she sun bleached differently than the other black sheep I had.
For your consideration: Duvie's fleece.
On white copy paper by a sunny window. Delyth (black), Duvie (?), Sian (black).
Same location with Duvie's fleece (center) on top of the two black samples.
Same location on oak table without the white paper.
Same location on white paper and using the highest setting of brightness on my editing program. Of course this is not how the fleeces look in real life-but I was surprised how similar the two black fleeces looked to each other compared to the Duvie sample (center). Her color is obviously not black. But again-what color is it?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Shetland black? Dark brown? No personal experience with these colors, so just guessing.

Becky Utecht said...

It reminds me of McIntire's fleece, I registered him as shaela when I noticed the fine silvery color coming into his black fleece. Sold him in the fall, but bought his lamb fleece. It looks dark brown to me. I posted about it on my blog and Garrett said shaela fleeces look like dark brown the first year. I spun some up and plied it with a true black and you can really see the color differences in the yarn. Aren't the modified colors fun?

Rayna said...

yeah, possibly Shaela, or maybe Shetland black (warm black) like Michelle suggested...time will tell.

Nancy K. said...

It would be interesting to see the sample next to the two blacks if you seperate the outer fleece from the inner. In your photos, it almost looks like the undercoat is the same color as the black on the right but the longer/outercoat is more sunbleached and lends a different cast to the color...

just thinkin'


Garrett808 said...

i think the longer stapled part is just sunbleached, like my shaelas. my shaelas look almost 'pewter' like, almost metallic, but not black and white fibers, but all are even throughout the fiber, with perhaps some sunbleaching on the tips. now when they are sheared would be a great time to see the pewter color on the body