Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shy Girl

The last of all the lambs to put her trust in me was Qdy. Finally she inched forward among the throng of ewe lambs demanding their chin scratches. While she was sandwiched between two other lambs, and couldn't see my hand, I moved across to her chest and rubbed. Instant bliss. I don't even think she knew the source of that bliss until a little later when she finally realized the others had wandered off and left her alone with me.
I stopped rubbing and she came out of her daze. Then at that crucial moment, she took a step toward my hand and asked me to continue. Of course.
Now she comes up every time I'm out in the pasture. She is still a little more wary than Darla. She is not as pushy as Niav, who paws me with her sharp little hooves if I stop petting her. Nor does she try to jump onto my hunched shoulders like Leil. Qdy doesn't want to come in too closely while others are being rowdy. If all is calm, though, I usually get a chance to pet her.
Qdy is so soft and sweet. A lovely little chunk of a lamb...

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