Monday, June 8, 2009

Willing to Trade Sheep

I thought up a list of items that I would love to have for my home, yard, farm, and family. I am willing to trade my top ram, Windswept Unicorn, for something(s) of relatively equal value. Only interested in working, good-shape equipment. Willing to consider other suggestions as well. I also have a few ewes/lambs I could perhaps add to the deal. Please take a look...
(3) 26" men's bikes (all-terrain tires)
cymbals for drum set
acoustic guitar
bass amp
small boat trailer
canoe or kayak
hay rake
Rocky brand sheep coats (Shetland sized)
cattle panels
electronet fencing
pedestal round oak dining table
6-8 wood dining chairs
raw honey
drum carder or spinning equipment

Email me at or leave a comment here.
Thank you for looking.

1 comment:

Rayna said...

Oooh! Awesome idea! I ususally just put "will trade for..?" in my ads, but a list is a good idea! Might put a sticky thread on my sales blog :) Good way to get my spinning wheel maybe?