Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Lamb That Won't Pose...

I filled the memory card on my camera yesterday trying to get photos of certain sheep. That's 192 pictures. And Jchen didn't cooperate for any of them. Naughty lamb.
Jchen is the youngest lamb in the flock, born 5/1/09. I knew he was special the day he was born. Even at the young age of 2 months, he is already stunning.
Jchen is for sale. Fuzzy though they may be, here are some snapshots of this full horned black katmoget ram lamb:
With his dam, Boston Lake Sian. Sian is three years old now and just this spring developed iset on her rump. She is shiny black with crimp and nice softness. Sian is the only black ewe I am retaining after this summer's cull. Jchen is a Bombarde lamb. Micron reports on Jchen's parents can be found here.
A bird's-eye view of Jchen's head. He was born with a significant krunet and carries spotting and moorit genetics.
Blurry as it is, this photo shows off Jchen's wide, straight hind-quarters and perfect Shetland tail.


Juliann said...

Beautiful ram lamb. I love spotted kats, it doesn't get any more dramatic and eye- catching than that.

Becky Utecht said...

Yes, he's a nice ram lamb Sabrina. I loved the photos of your white ewe lambs too.

Nancy K. said...

He IS gorgeous!
He looks like he KNOWS it too....


Julie said...

Jchen is the youngest lamb in the flock
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