Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Unicorn Lambs

My top ram, Unicorn, has been for sale for a couple of months now. I knew the day I chose to get him that I would have a very hard time reselling a homozygous white ram. Such is Shetland life.
I, myself, want more color in my flock. I'm also moving toward fine fleece and polled genetics. The handle and brilliance of Unicorn's fleece is lovely. It has sold with "oohs and aahs" each year. But it is not "fine" fleece by definition.
Unicorn is also just plain big. Big fleece, big body, big horns, big bones, big presence, big offspring. Big everything. I meant to use him to produce freezer lambs. But I've discovered that I like to have a single goal rather than multiple goals. So I'm letting him go.
If Unicorn does not sell, he will be turned into highly seasoned sausage. And I think I will miss him. He's been a very good boy here. Such is life as a farmer.
Darla Gay
To relieve me of my melancholy thoughts about Unicorn, I decided to feature his spring lambs:
Qdy and Darla Gay are staying at Boston Lake to hopefully bring some of that Unicorn pizazz to a new line of polled Shetlands.
Dan & Darla
Dan and Bence are available for sale. I do realize even heterozygous white ram lambs are not in demand. But these are boys with some excellent qualities for certain flock needs and requirements (such as heavier/longer size, excellent conformation, good bites, small tails, long staple, dense fleece, impressive horn genetics) so I am offering them for sale-even if they are likely to spend the winter here being fattened for a spring trip to the freezer.
Both Unicorn sons are as square as can be and have tiny tails with proper covering. Dan is a monster chunk of testosterone, with what I suspect is heavy spotting potential under that white coat. Bence has the brilliant white fleece of his sire-it looks like I added "bluing" to him. He also has the best uniformly crimpy fleece of any of the 6 Unicorn offspring born here. Both boys can throw solid offspring, and Dan carries modified. For more information please call 218-556-0862 or contact me by email: Thank you.

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