Monday, October 5, 2009

Must Sell...

...all my extra rams.

I did not anticipate how incredibly busy my work and the boys' school activities were going to become this fall. I need to lighten my load. I need to sell most of my ram flock. On and off I had been thinking of this, but I was waiting to see Courante in person before I made any decision. With Courante and Ash being as promising as they are, I feel I can part with many of the others.

All the '09 ram lambs are for sale except for Dan-reserved white lamb. Three are available as butcher lambs: musket Roux, grey Rigg, and white Bence. These lambs are grass fed, and have not had de-wormer or CD&T shots yet. $50 each, delivered to Headwaters Meats in Bagley, MN. Headwaters does an excellent job of processing.
Katmoget Jchen is the best lamb I've ever produced and I would like to see him go to a breeding home. He is excellent in every way. A full-horned Sheltering Pines Bombarde son out of a non-fading black ewe named Boston Lake Sian. I do not have space to winter him over here. Nor do I have any need of a horned ram. Please inquire if you need an excellent single-coated ram. He will go for butcher if there is no other demand for him.
And now for the hard part: I am ready to sell Sheltering Pines Bombarde. I have four of his daughters and they will serve me well. I'd like 4 more but I do not have the room or the energy to keep more than 2 rams this winter.
Bombarde is simply an exceptional, half-polled ram. He should be given the opportunity to sire as many offspring as possible in other folks' flocks. I will only allow this gentleman to go to an excellent home.
And what about White Pine Arvada? Well...I haven't quite decided yet. I want to capture his genetics, yet I want to move out the horned rams. Stay tuned for his story.
As always, my contact information is at the bottom of this page. I'd be happy to send fleece samples and extra photos on request. Thank you.


Karen Valley said...

Very interested in purchasing Bombarde for my daughter's polled flock. Please send details to her at Include price, current micron test information...meeting a goat breeder from Embarass, MN the end of October and could pick him up at that time if he could find a ride to her place? Will pay transport costs.

Aimee said...

Sad when you have to sell so many animals. We just had to get rid of all our alpacas a couple months ago. Might look at a sheep as a replacement fleece animal, but I'm not sure I have enough grass. And not yours, of course, since I'm in WA. But they are lovely animals!