Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wolves in this Wood

Ponderous Leil

It was very windy yesterday. But by 10pm, when Clancy went out to fix the fire, the night was calm and beautiful.
Clancy and the boys found a wolf kill on our driveway early this morning. Several deer had opened up a round bale of good alfalfa a few weeks back. The blood started there and ended a few yards down the road at the carcass. The heart and front shoulder of the fawn were devoured. Tracks were all around. It was simultaneously shocking and natural to behold.
As I passed by, a swirl of black crows twined upward from the remains...only to circle back down again in my rear-view mirror.
Seven hours later, as I returned home, a complete skeleton rose above a rug of hide. Each rib was clean and the spine and legs were visible from a distance. Clancy and the boys reported that the hide was picked clean from the inside. There was even less left of the deer than there appeared to be. The wolves had opened up a carcass. Undisturbed, the crows, the eagles, and perhaps even a fox or coyote, had made short work of their daylight discovery.
There isn't anything left of that carcass for a wolf to eat tonight.

Feisty Ewes
AnnaBelle & Silvy


Becky Utecht said...

As usual, beautifully written Sabrina. I just hope you have a dog guarding your sheep at night. Leil is a cutey! I love her fleece color. Who is she out of?

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hi Becky,

Yes, Greta is usually outside at night. I don't think she would really run off a wolf. But I don't think the wolves are currently under such pressure for food that they feel compelled to mess with the dogs either. I hope the natural respect of territory continues.

Leil is out of Boston Lake Sian and sired by ShelteringPines Bombarde. She is my only Rachel granddaughter. I'm hoping her fleece stays that darker color like Rachel's. :)

Take care!