Monday, March 15, 2010

Forever Homes Needed

I agreed to provide foster care to three dogs this morning. A breeder died and left behind 13 canines. So this afternoon, we brought home two mini-doxies and a pug.
All are young females. All are loving and cuddly. All are purebreds and papered. All need homes...mine is only a temporary one.
These dogs were apparently housed in kennels but they have been socialized well enough to hop up on the boys' laps to watch a movie. The doxies are friendly, active, and curious. The pug is a bit overweight and likes to snuggle.
Please spread the word around and/or consider providing a forever home for one of these adorable sweethearts. If you are interested, please contact Beltrami County Humane Society.

For reference at the Shelter: Black & Tan: Sandy Anne. White/Blue Merle: Katie. Pug: Geisha

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Tammy said...

Good luck with placing them in loving homes. They look like they should be easy to place--healthy, well socialized and small. Very pretty little dogs. Bless you for giving them a temporary home.