Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foster Dog Adoption Protocol

I've never provided foster care for our local animal shelter before. Already, a young lady is interested in the pug. So I called up the shelter to see what sort of policies foster care needs to follow. Here are the rules:
1. All incoming dogs must be held 14 days before becoming available for adoption.
2. These three dogs will be available for adoption March 29.
3. These dogs will be spayed March 31.
4. Animals may not be reserved.
5. The approximate adoption fee for each dog will be $250. That includes the spay.

So I sort of jumped the gun a little bit by announcing to blogdom and facebook land that these three dogs are available. They are not currently available. They are not available until March 29th. And for the sake of the kind people that work at the shelter, please be respectful and considerate of all the rules.
I may still, however, share about my foster care experience. Here is what I've learned so far:
1. All three dogs are very people orientated-which is a very good thing! They do seek and respond to human attention and that makes training them so much easier.

2. Geisha, the pug is potty-trained, and seems familiar with a leash. She will even do her business while on the leash. But I also walked all over the farm today with her off-leash, and she stayed close the whole way. I was very impressed.

3. Katie, the white doxi, comes when called-a delightful trait in a dog! She is super affectionate; very exuberant indoors and out. She does like to snuggle though, too. I don't believe she is house-trained yet, but I don't give her much opportunity to mess up. She has been happy to do her business outdoors.

4. Sandy Anne, the black & tan doxi, is also full of energy and curiosity. She seems afraid that she will be shoved back in her kennel every time she is caught. So when she comes up I try to just praise her and then go back to what I was doing. Already she is less aloof and more willing to come when called, especially if the other dogs are responding to the call. She looses her reserve if someone is inviting her up onto the sofa. She's at her best in someones lap.

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Nancy K. said...

I have a feeling that those three girls aren't going to have any trouble finding new homes ~ thanks to YOU for giving them the chance!