Thursday, May 27, 2010


gray, moorit recessive
ShelteringPines Bombarde x Bramble AnnaBelle
Clennam continues to impress me. He is my hopeful polled, Bombarde replacement ram. But because I am not very familiar with how the polled gene manifests itself yet, I will not speculate on him. I do feel certain that both of his parents carry the polled gene, though. Clennam is a full 5 weeks old, and if more experience polled breeders want to offer their opinions I am all ears. I just love his conformation and fleece type! He is super soft and crimpy. This photo shows how square he walks, as well as how his scurs are a bit asymmetrical. Again...LOVE this lamb! Four square and a nice tail. Being his regular mischievous self.
Close up of his scurs.


Michelle said...

He's a very elegant-looking lamb, Sabrina. Because of the scurs I would guess he is Pp, or a half-poll; with all of his other outstanding qualities, definitely flock sire potential!

Juliann said...

OMG he looks amazingly like my Pompey X Valora son! They look more alike than even many full twins do!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Well considering that I greatly admire your stock, Juliann, I'll take that as a compliment! :)
BTW, the most visible scur in the last photo was broke off today...down to a little crumbly nub. Hoping they will just keep doing that!

And PLEASE post some photos of your ram lambs with ages when you have time so I can see what "hopeful" growth (or lack thereof) looks like. :)

Thanks Michelle and Juli for leaving comments. I'm so excited about this lamb but I know from past experience that scurs can get really big. So I am trying to not pin all my hopes on this boy. But I waited for three years to get a ram from this pairing and I want him to "turn out" Time will tell.

Michelle said...

I know exactly how you feel, Sabrina, waiting for the "right ram" to turn up and turn out. I'm still holding my breath on Blake; if he turns out to be a full-poll and everything else is good, I will feel unbelievably blessed! But half-polls with nothing to "manage," like Braveheart with his bone knobs, or Blake if he turns out to be a half-poll, are nearly as good. Your lamb certainly has a better tail than Blake!

Becky Utecht said...

He looks SO much like Geronimo, a scurred musket ram lamb we got out of Bombarde in 2007. Unfortunately Geronimo's dam was unregistered so he was wethered and sold as a fiber pet.