Friday, May 28, 2010


This little guy, Tecwyn, probably has an unremarkable future. But like so many ram lambs...he happens to be adorable and charming.Tecwyn is rarely seen more than a few inches away from his twin brother, Beck. They are the youngest lambs in the flock and they stick together like glue. These are Nhu's first babies and, even though they are two days shy of five weeks old, she still calls to them constantly and keeps them by her side, worrying and fretting if one is out of sight. They seem quite happy with this perpetual baby status. :)Tecwyn and Beck are WhitePine Arvada sons. Their conformation and tails turned out wonderfully. The jury is still out on their fleeces. The wool coming in seems to be quite a bit different from their birth coats. Both of these lambs are like reference material. Arvada is deceased so the breeding cannot be repeated. Every lamb gives some clues about what the parents are capable of. These two aren't my favorites, but I'm not disappointed by any means.Especially since both lambs have very small horn growth so far. I really don't know if Arvada carried the polled gene or not, since his horns were so large. But I did have hopes that Nhu carried polled. These lambs will have scurs for sure, but I think there is a good chance that they are both displaying some signs of carrying polled too. Tecwyn's scurs are a bit larger than Beck's. Beck wasn't cooperating with the camera though.


Michelle said...

I think that katmoget has presence!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

He does. He's very easy to photograph because he's so alert all the time. :)