Friday, June 11, 2010

Close-Ups & Advice?

Photos taken May 14, 2010
The white ewe in front is my beloved Lyneth. She is a full 2 years old and was put to a ram last fall for spring lambs. However, after much waiting, it is now obvious that she did not take. By my calculations she was exposed to the ram for at least 2 cycles, and it very easily could have even been 3 cycles. The other two ewes with this ram both conceived, including Lyneth's twin that is standing behind her: Nhu.
Nhu is built very doe-like. Lyneth is built like a propane tank. I suspect her weight was the reason she did not conceive. Does anyone have any helpful advice about how to increase her chances for this fall? Obviously, I won't be giving her any grain. :) I guess I'm not really sure how to put a pasture/hay fed sheep on a diet?
I am excited to use Sian for breeding again this fall. She took this past year off because I didn't have time to rotate sheep through breeding pens. Sian is now 4 years old and she gave me a lovely, soft, black fleece again this spring. She is the dam of Jchen from last spring.
Sian is also dam to this little ewe, Leil (Jchen's twin). I don't suspect Sian of polled genetics, but Leil does seem to have depressions in her head without maybe Bombarde passed on his polled to her. I HOPE so. Leil is just a lovely ewe. And without her coat on, she looks very much like her grand dam, first Shetland ewe. I think Rachel is a good example of a Classic Shetland.I am leaning toward putting Leil with LRO Ash as he has the barest noggin in my flock. This would also give me a chance at solid and/or moorit color. Their conformations seem well suited, and I think their fleeces will complement each other too. I guess I must be a little excited for next springs lambs! :)


Michelle said...

I have the same problem with a ewe in my flock - who happens to be white as well! Fortunately she has always settled, but has singles more often than twins. There are grazing muzzles for horses; perhaps that's what our chubby sheep need!

Spinners End said...

Lyneth is a beauty! :) You have lovely names for your sheep.