Saturday, June 5, 2010

For Sherry

The sheep coats that fit too large have to be cinched up in the back. I roll up an old sock and then cinch a zip tie around the base of it to hold it in place. It looks terrible. And it doesn't matter how centered the cinch is, the coat rocks off to the side anyway. I don't like how the back end of the sheep is exposed to the elements-and vegetable matter. But I tried a less extreme cinch a few days ago and the sheep got out of the coats. I noticed Sherry at Spinner's End put two or more smaller cinches around the back seam. It looks better and seems to give better coverage. I think I will give that a try the next time I have to change coats.


Michelle said...

Since I have invested in several of each size from D through G, I have better-dressed sheep than you do - but my pocketbook is emptier! ;-)

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

It's not for lack of sizes and coats. I guess I just have a few oddly sized sheep. :)
Only three ewes have cinched up coats:
AnnaBelle can't fit into a D, but her E is too big.
Lyneth is the same, she was busting seams on the D and it wouldn't cover her butt, but the E is too big.
Vianne had to come out of her C, it was tight on her leg straps. But the D is too big.
Don't really know what else to do. Are there better ways to cinch up the backs? This method was the one Rocky told me about.

Michelle said...

That sounds strange, Sabrina. I wonder if you could possibly have mislabeled coats. When mine outgrow one size, the next size fits well. Maybe a little bit loose, but nothing that causes any problems.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I actually started to wonder about that last night...
Vianne going into a D, only needed the smallest tuck, and mainly as insurance against the rather loose leg straps. But Anna and Lyneth are just swimming in the E's after busting out of D's.
So perhaps my E's are mislabled. All three of these ewes,though, are AnnaBelle line. She and these other two are incredibly stocky and round. Her deer-like daughter, Nhu, has no issues with her D coat. But the stocky three take up the length in the belly.
When I have a minute I will get out some D and E coats and measure to see if it seems odd.

Spinners End said...

It was like seeing my name in lights! :) Thanks Sabrina!!

The smaller side cinches didn't work very well...perhaps if I had cinched more in they would have worked. I thought it would make the suit more balanced. I used a ball of belly wool from shearing and did it the way Rocky recommended too...and have the issue of the suit slipping sideways. A few of the girls could get a leg out because of the sideways slippage.

Karen V. told me taking a seam in the front chest of the suit would help- I should have asked before putting the suits on! I did use Rocky's method and use a smallish ball of wool and a zip tie to bring the suit further forward and that has helped. You are right though Sarina- it doesn't look pretty having those knobs sticking out and the sideways slippage! At least I'm not fretting about legs out anymore.

Some of them DO fit perfectly (size C's on the yearlings in particular).

The suits the older girls are wearing are size D's. There is NO way they could possibly fit into a size C because of their length so investing in smaller suits wouldn't solve the issue.

I think perhaps Michelle's sheep just don't want to look dorky and are working hard at bulking up so they look perfect.

Thanks for the advice ladies- I much appreciate your insight!