Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ram Heads

It is hard for me to get flattering photos of my two yearling rams, S'more Courante and Little Red Oak Ash. They tend to crowd the fence line when I approach because they think I am about to move their electronet to new grass. The anticipation keeps them moving about.Courante broke his scurs off down to small nubs several times over the winter while he was penned with horned rams. Since then, his left scur broke once and is only a 1" nub. His right scur had grown into a snail scur, though, and we cut it off this past weekend. It only bled a tiny bit. No worries.Ash has only the smallest crumbly patches on his head.They have never grown or been knocked off. Half-poll or full-poll...I LIKE this type of head on a ram! No maintenance! :)Last but not least, a snap of 6 week old Clennam's noggin. He knocked off his right scur a few days ago and has the slightly smaller one left. Fingers crossed..


Spinners End said...

How do your sheep suits fit so perfectly? Mine keep sliding around and it drives me nutty...

Beautiful rams!


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hi Sherry,
This is my first season with coats so I'm not an expert.

Here's what I do though: I'm using Rocky coats. I just changed coats this week on some. A few of the yearlings had really outgrown their size C's. So they fit into the next size perfectly. (Ash the ram is one of those) But 2 ewes going from D to E had to have the slack taken up. So I rolled up an old sock into a ball. Then I put this under the coat at the tail head and cinched it into the coat with a zip tie that has to be cut off to remove. That pulled up the slack so the leg straps didn't dangle down too low. It is what the guy at Rocky recommended. And it doesn't look perfect at all. :) I'll try to post a photo soon to show you. Good luck!

Gail V said...

Oh, that little Ash is turning out to be handsome! I'm so proud, and so glad that you have him!
I got another smooth poll from my old favorite, Bluebell, this year! He would be an uncle to Ash. This guy is musket with Bluebell's dense single coat.