Saturday, September 18, 2010

Late Summer Ram Lambs

I should know better than to judge a lamb the day it is born.  But I had to learn that lesson over again this year.  When Nhu gave birth to two ram lambs by White Pine Arvada, I was disappointed because they were not ewe lambs...and because they had small horn buds.  I was hoping for girls or polled.  So I dismissed both as little cuties and a very nice pair, considering it was Nhu's first pregnancy.

Tecwyn & Beck
Fast forward to late summer... I am absolutely in love with Tecwyn.  He is beyond soft...and his parents micron tests confirm that I'm not imagining it.  His horns are either long scurs or aberrant horns.  So that puts him at a disadvantage in the polled market I am aiming to be a part of.  But I think he's just super in every other way, especially in the fleece department.

I loaded more photos on my Stock for Sale page.  In between rain storms and long grass I was able to manage a few snaps.  You'll find Tecwyn and Beck featured there, as well as updated photos for Clennam.  Thanks for looking.

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