Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lovely Weather

The temps have been in the upper 70's all this week.  It is the best 'summer' weather I think we've had in the last 5 months. 
Strange...but I am not complaining.  There is still so much we have left to do before the weather turns nasty.  I'm grateful for the extension.
As you can see, the leaves have fallen off the trees.
Ash has his head down in a brush pile to rub off the mosquitoes and gnats that were swarming today.  I guess warm weather has a bit of a downside.
Just off the boat landing, a Canada goose.
I was fooled the first time I saw it.  After it failed to fly or float away, I realized it was a decoy some hapless hunter had lost track of.   
Shachah absolutely loves to roll in the leaves.  I think he likes the sound...or maybe he just loves the cooler temps.  I caught him napping, obviously after taking a stroll through the mucky swamp.
  I just love this big mellow guy.
Last, but not least, a true sign of the season: our wood stove is burning again.  Not that we needed heat today.  But this is a good thing because Clancy has had our heating system torn apart for three weeks.  To satisfy the insurance people, he had to move the outdoor boiler 50 feet away from the garage we are building.  So the yard has been torn up with a trench, and insulated pipe, and new electrical stuff.  What a mess!  And of course, it always takes longer than one hopes, to finish the job.  But the test run was successful!  And I am very grateful Clancy is so skilled at building and fixing.  Even though I would love to have weeks and weeks more of this fine weather...technically, we have heat it can get cold when it has to. 

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