Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Sheep for Sale

I have reached that point where some of my foundation girls have to go if I am going to keep their ewe lambs. 
With a heavy heart, I am offering the following three ewes for sale.  I will try to update my sale page soon.  But for now, photos and fleece information can be found on the "Our Flock" and "Fleece for Sale" pages.


Boston Lake Sian   $200 
4 years old
Solid Black with Moorit Recessive
minimal iset, excellent mother, excellent conformation/tail, wool on poll, large size, horn genetics

Little Red Oak January    $200
Moorit Katmoget with Solid Recessive
excellent conformation/tail, terrific mother, medium size, polled genetics

Bramble AnnaBelle   Reserved
8 years old
White with Solid Black Recessive
big deep build, tiny tail, excellent mother, 32 micron but very lustrous & silky hand, possible full poll
I have 4 daughters & 1 son from Anna.  She is a very special ewe.

These ewes are completely unrelated stock.

2010 Lambs are also for sale on the "Stock for Sale" page.
Thank you for looking.


Spinners End said...

I just looked to see where Puposki MN is located- North of Bimidji! You are further north than we are in the EUP. Is AnnaBelle a very sweet sheep? ie. Does she like sheep pats? I have three larger than "normal" shetlands that have a similar sounding fleece- a higher micron count but that nice silky handle that spins up so quick on the wheel...

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Anna is a very friendly girl that loves pets. She is not annoyingly pesty. Very mature attitude with a genuine affection for people. I don't want to let her go but I have to face the reality of hay costs, and I want to keep her offspring. She was a gift to me from another Shetland friend. And she has improved my flock so much. She has always thrown lambs better than herself.

Karen Valley said...

I'll be meeting Becky U. mid-November to bring her sheep and could bring something back into the U.P. if that is helpful to anyone?

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

That is so kind, Karen. I could probably make it down to Becky's or somewhere to connect with you.

Becky Utecht said...

Yes, good thinking Karen. I could sure help with transporting some ewes when we meet in northern Wisconsin in November.