Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Big Guy Saves The Day!

Once again a young bear decided to investigate our yard.
 Last year I chased one away myself while Meg and Greta looked on in horrified silence from the porch.  Though I was glad the bear was frightened away by my scream and charge, I sincerely hoped I would never be faced with such a situation again.

Tonight, Shachah was the hero.
Even though chasing away big bad predators is exactly what a Livestock Guardian Dog is supposed to do, I still think the big guy deserves honor and praise for his gallant work...
Around 9:30pm all three dogs started barking in a vicious manner.  Clancy went out to investigate and came back in to announce that the dogs had treed a bear in the white pine by the house.  I wanted to shoot it, but I ran out to see it first.  The bear was apparently even more afraid of human voices than barking dogs because as soon as Clancy got Greta called off, the bear slipped down the tree and ran for the woods.  The cool thing is that Shachah LET him.  The big guy chased the bear without engaging it in a fight until it was well away.  (The other two chicken-dogs joined in the chase once they were sure Shachah was in control of things.)  Clancy and I walked out to check on the sheep.  All was fine there.  We could see Shachah's dim white form step out of the woods as we walked back to the house in the dark.  He continued to investigate the "crime scene" and willingly accepted a cold hamburger as a token of our esteem.

I love how Shachah didn't fight the bear.  He just made sure it left with a good reason to never come back.  I am continually amazed at the wisdom and grace and courage of these LGD's.
Shachah, you are AWESOME!  Thank you. 


Becky Utecht said...

Way to go Shachah! That's what he's there for. I loved how you mentioned the other dogs followed behind him when the bear sped off into the woods. :)
I agree that the wisdom the LGDs show in dealing with these situations is just awesome.

Kelly Bartels said...

What a great story Sabrina. I am just as pleased with the things I see my guardian dogs do with the sheep. Coyotes were singing right next to my sheep pasture on Sat. night, and my dogs were over the hill and "asking" them to move along immediately.

Juliann said...

Great Scott! What an incredible story. Glad no body was hurt, even the bear.