Friday, May 20, 2011

Nhu's Twin Rams

Once again, Nhu gave me a stunning set of ramlings.  Last year they were by White Pine Arvada.  This year they are by S'more Courante.
Gwilym is the black and Ian is the moorit.
They are a full month old now, and still no visible sign of horns...though I believe they have little bb's or chocolate chips there...I just haven't had my hands on them in a while.
They both have promise of the gorgeous fleeces their parents have and Nhu's former lambs displayed.
Gwilym is my favorite of the two.  His fleece is very crimpy right down to his tail.  I guess I just have a thing for black katmogets.


Michelle said...

And I love the moorit kats, and would take Ian off your hands if I had any business with another ram!

stephen rouse said...

I love kats too... although if I had to choose, I do think I like the gray ones just a bit more. :-)
These lambs are gorgeous!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...


Michelle, I'd love to send Ian to you. But I know what you mean about too many rams.

Stephen, I've always loved the black factored gul/kats. By gray kat do you mean Ag/kat? I used to be confused by "gray kat" and "fawn kat" actually meaning that was just their body color instead of their genetics. So now I say black kat if they do not have the Ag present.
hahahaha crystal clear, right?