Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Lamb Pics

Justina & Trans Am  (Courante x Hannah)
I took the coats off the remaining lambs last night.  Trans Am is the softest lamb of this crop.  He's just a superstar, I guess.  lol

Francesca  (Ash x Sian)
This little girl is just so docile and sweet.

Jane  (Ash x Sian) 
Jane has the most presence of all the ewe lambs this year.
Tucker is napping in the background.... one of the rare instances in which he is not being naughty.

Gwilym  (Courante x Nhu)
Gwilym was my favorite Courante ram lamb until Trans Am came along.  I still think he is just fantastic though.  He is super crimpy right down to his tail.

Ian  (Courante x Nhu) 
That bit of white on his face was a surprise to me.  Didn't know either of his parents carried spots until he was born.

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