Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunshine For A Day

Last Saturday was beautiful and I managed to get some photos of the lambs.  I'll dole them out over the next few days while the thunderstorms roll through.

Sextant (Courante x January) and Ian (Courante x Nhu)
Sextant has amazing presence.  He is always the first lamb to catch my eye.  He is super crimpy right down through his tail.

Jane and Francesca  (Ash x Sian).  These two little girls have become just as friendly as their dam.  They even gave attention to some 7 year old visitors that came out on Sunday afternoon.  I finally got their coats off this weekend and they are lovely soft!

The baby of the bunch, Penelope (Ash x Lana).  Lana is quite shy of me so I get very little interaction with this eweling.  But I have hopes of taming her down eventually.  She is so tiny compared to all the 3 week old lambs.  Could have named her Smidge.  lol


Spinners End Farm said...

They are so lovely! I love the dark moorit.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thank you! She is the first moorit ewe lamb I've ever had born here (after 6 years!) Definitely a keeper. :D