Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Horn Report

Trans Am. 
His scurs or aberrant horns continue to grow.  I do believe he is a half-poll, since full-horned rams usually have much bigger horns by this age.  He is still a beauty and developing well in every other respect.

He has just the tiniest fragile little spikes.  I expected them to break off by now, but I never see the ram lambs butt each other.  I know it happens, but nothing like the way it used to with the full-horned ramlings.  Ian is turning into a nice lamb.  His facial spots are less noticeable now, though.  His tail used to have long hair on it, but it seems to be falling out or being grown into, so it is nice and proper now.  He is very soft.

Kind of an odd-angled photo, but Gwilym is turning out very nicely too.  Too bad his scurs have to be so significant.  He is also wonderfully soft!

Sextant broke off a scur the other day and it bled quite a bit since it seemed to rip right at the base.  We had to clean it out once and put fly repellent on it for a few days.  It is healing up just fine.  This lamb is so chunky and burly, I just love it.  I don't know if it is because he was a single or what, but I wish all my lambs were built like this one.  :)

Tucker (gray lamb, center) is built just like Sextant (he's also a single).  And he seems to have given up being such a pest and spends most of his attention on eating now.  Occasionally he comes up... but I wonder if flipping him once might cure him for good?  This is a cropped, long distance photo, but I can report that Tucker has the least horn material of all the ram lambs: one tiny point smaller than Ian's, and one little flat button.  He is also my only LittleRedOak Ash ramling.


Michelle said...

My remaining ram lamb broke off his second scur this morning. When I get back, I'll have Rick wether him and hope to find him a fiber pet home.

Rayna said...

One of my poll carrier boys broke off a scur a while back, now he has two different sized scurs, it's too funny :) Very nice looking lambs! :)