Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mid-Summer Group Photos

With one thing and another, I have been too busy to take photos of the sheep.  And when there is a spare moment, the mosquitoes and deer flies and horse flies are so horrible I don't want to stand out there in the long grass!  The poor sheep!  They have to deal with it 24/7.

Tonight I was determined to take a few shots.  Not many pictures turned out since both the shepherd and the sheep were trying to keep from being devoured by bugs.  And that meant a lot of movement.  Oh, well...
The entire ewe/lamb flock.

Full sisters, Vianne and Lyneth.  My AnnaBelle daughters.
Vianne lost her first lamb to pneumonia a few days after it was born.  But it was a beautiful ewe lamb...so I have high hopes of another just as nice next spring.  Lyneth is 3 years old and has not produced a lamb yet.  I don't really have breeding hopes for her anymore.  Thankfully, she is friendly and has lovely fleece.  I also just think she is a pretty girl.  For the time being, I have room for her.

Some lamb tails...left to right:
Jane, Trans Am (white), Justina.  Sextant's head up front.

The only good photo I could get of Francesca, who is so friendly she is usually crawling on me.
Gulmoget, RiverOaks Lana on the left, and Fran's dam, Sian, on the right.

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