Monday, October 31, 2011

October Ewes

I've been letting the ewe flock out of the electronet every day so they can roam far and wide for the remaining green grass and brush.  They love this, of course.  And I enjoy watching the flock move as it would "in the wild".
Francesca, curious as ever.  (Ash x Sian)

All my Bramble AnnaBelle daughters together:
Lyneth & Carys (back).  Vianne & Nhu  (front).
(Bombarde x AnnaBelle)

Esyllt  (Arvada x January)

Poor little Justina.  I must have hit a nerve or something when I tagged her ear because it has drooped ever since.
(Courante x Hannah)

Some of the girls are spending time by Courante's fence line.  Since I don't plan to do any breedings for the next two years, I'm hoping that fence holds.  AND that the lady that is buying Courante will come collect him soon.  I have mixed feelings about stalling my breeding program (fine fleece, polled).  But now that I've committed to it and eliminated all the other ram lambs I don't want any "accidents" to happen.  Especially not this early in the fall!  Keeping my fingers crossed until the last ram is gone.  :)


Spinners End Farm said...

Your sheep suits look like they fit perfectly! :) Nice and clean too. Most of ours have patches on them now. Time to change up a size for us this coming weekend ...sheep wrangling!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Good luck this weekend! I have change a few coats and trim hooves soon too. Waiting for my ram to leave so I can use the barn to "trap" them all at once. :)

Gail V said...

So nice to see some of my flock's grandchildren up there on Boston Lake. I especially like your Francesca...